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Hong Foodbank 

International  Projects

Who supports us for the products:


Manufacturers, Hotels, Educational institutions, hospitals, Companies and Individuals.

Whose are our focus in our plans and projects:

     Children/ women at risk, communities impacted by digital divides, Communities in entrenched poverty, Disaster’s victims, Drug rehabilitation centres, Elderly care, Environmental care, Medical clinics and hospitals, Orphanages, School/ Universities, Social enterprise initiatives, Special groups, victim of human trafficking, Vocational skills training Centre’s, War damaged regions.

To materialize our dream we need such products:

  Building supplies, vehicles, computers, vehicle provision, household furniture, office furniture , educational furniture and equipment, bedding and textile supplies, electrical items, household goods, clothing, stationery, bicycles, books and educational toys.

Gkla Congo is a tax exempt charity organisation is an integral part of the Christian Church , we focus on the different  activities and emphasise and teaching of God's word and working to improve the lives of orphans and less privilege people . providing assistance to those who are most vulnerable.

Pastor jonas and church evangelism traveled to republic of Congo to preached the gospel   , where Malaria , and AID , epidemic which different civil wars has left victims  of all ages . many children's have been orphans . windows have lost their husbands . so Gkla  have that desire , passion and mission  to support them and their children in Republic of Congo . 

- we providing the orphans education , residences where orphan can live and thrive 

- providing preventive health education   basic necessities and providing to the widows with the training and opportunities they needs to become self -sufficient .

we believe that educating children and helping widows to become self-sustaining , we are bringing hope , not only to today , but to the future 


Focus, plans and projects is on Community, drug rehabilitation, education, Elderly care, Environmental care, Medical clinic and Hospitals

     Community/cultural groups, Drug rehabilitation,, Educational institutions, Elderly persons, Environmental care, Families in need, Medical clinics and Hospitals, Orphanages, People with special needs, people at risk, Service organizations, social enterprise,


We planed also as Africa some places have lack of the resources and materials we will organize materials raising programs for Africa one within 3 months, after collect the materials, we will send to African’s country, we promise to make the donations effective to the people in Africa, who’s are in need.

Who supports us for the products:

     Manufacturers, Hotels, Educational institutions, hospitals, Companies and Individuals.

Sports programmes for the disadvantaged, Suicide prevention services,

Hong Kong : Support for Domestic workers, Support for new arrivals, Support for women and Vocational training programmes.


To help families, senior people and counselling

        Objects to change the circumstances and habits that lead , or have led, to social, enabling people or communities to fully participate in society. Where particular people have no recognition or voice or stake in, the society in which they live. Where the effect prevents people from participating fully in society. Communities might as a result of one or more of the following factors:

          . unemployment;

          . financial hardship;

          . youth or old age;

          . ill health (physical or mental)

          . substance abuse or dependency,including alcohol and drugs;

          . discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, ethnic origin , religion, creed 

             Or sexuality;

          . poor educational or skills attainment;

          . relationship and family breakdown;

So as Jesus was gathered multitude of people bonds them together feed them, teach them, speaks in their behalf about their needs.


We want to like Jesus bonds, bring people together, in the context of cultural diversity. Helping socially excluded people and communities overcome inequality and disadvantage , arising as a result of the circumstances an individual is born into, or as a result of his or her own particular circumstances; and providing advice and assistance to people who are excluded from society.


. education or training, or advocacy services for people with learning difficulties, or who are unable to advocate for themselves because of language barriers. It might also include assistance of a capacity building nature to help provide skills, relationship and family breakdown;


Origin, religion, belief, or creed (in particular, Christians and members of the Muslim community) to relieve the needs of such people and assist them to integrate into society, in particular by:

  1. providing a local network group that encourages and enables members                  

          of the Muslim community to participate more effectively with the wider 

          community; like buddhist, Christian etc.


  1. A. increasing, or coordinating, opportunities for members of the Muslim 

community to engage with service providers, to enable those providers to adapt services to better meet the needs of that community.”


  1. B. providing education and information to support and enable deaf parents 

to maximize educational opportunities for their children;


  1. C. raising public awareness of the issues affecting deaf parents and their 

children, both generally and in relation to their social exclusion;


  1. D> providing workshops, forums, advocacy and general support;


           providing recreational facilities and opportunities for deaf and hearing 



GKLA policy and its indigenous membership allow it to cooperate with international relief agencies and government alike.


GKLA are ready to be in partnership with both private and public philanthropy so we can continually bring comfort to the needy, while the proclamation of God’s redemptive love offers individuals and communities the opportunity to enjoy a better life on earth and a place in Christ everlasting Kingdom.



  Recycling if something people at home are unused and still in good 

         Condition, it is welcome to donate to our Center for the poor people 



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