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Mind your Steps

He will pay back to each person according to his deeds justly, as his deeds deserve.

Romans 2:6 (AMP)

My brethren in Christ ,

Today I want to draw your attention into the deep understanding of the word of God, the Bible says allow me to say this in another word . God’s says to those believing in God through the Bible.He will pay back to each person, according to his deeds.

I understand after read the word of God and observed the life experience be carefully on all area of life and the principles of multiplication, the profit and development iGod lays it on divine process of giving and receiving

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16,

God gave first before him to take us back to him, without giving up the seed there is no fruits, without a man to give up the seed into women , the women cannot give back the child to the man

Payback is the result of your first giving, that can be refer to your time, money attention. Rejection, forgiveness, encouragement, discouragement, help and torture etc, whatever you give among those few things I mentioned is the first giving you maybe gave to God or your neighbours, Relatives etc, you must kwon you are also the first beneficiary of your deeds.

Can you tell yourself after look at back up , up to now as you are reading this word what , what is your idea for what will be your reward according of your own deeds ?

Are you proud of your self or you really disappointed after acknowledging, what you will receive according your own deeds .

be remaindered good doing , bad, kindness, loving, hatred building and destroy are the trucks will bring the container of your blessing or your calamities,

my beloved in reading this words do you still maintaining to give a room to your proud, hatred, gossips, evil though, impolite, no respect to the men of God, selfish ? Can you think for a while about what will be payback to you.

Remember: He will pay back to each person according to his deeds justly, as his deeds deserve , means you can't receive back if you didn't give first also you cannot get back what you didn't do .it's a truth of the facts so every day is a given grace from the Lord to us, grace is an unmerited favor .

The grace is a blessing available for everyone. You must know imperatively this, sleep and wake up every day is already a greatest blessing, but you know what ? One day is covering different facts to provide for you happiness or sadness, improvement or stuckness they are the sign effects of your own deeds during and along the day ,week, month and year.

You must know soon or later you are or will be responsible for your blessing to be active or inactive.

Unique way to keep your success of your blessing you must remain in the word of God which is the menu in where you can get the procedure in order to have the tangible evidence of the blessing of God in you life . because God says he will pay you back according your own deeds .

So what ever your parent or relatives deeds can't have control over your future, the prostitute’s child can become a pastor, president and professional only if he neglect the word of God and his application you can be affected of all negative results.

Your own deed can make your blessing to become inactive, means you can be a blessed person but you are not enjoying the benefits of your blessing another word you are no fit on you blessing any more.

It become like you have nice winter cloth design by the tailor in your size but you become so big and fat, you will notice your nice winter cloth didn't change the size, it can still provide to you all benefit you deserve to be warming even though the weather is so rough , but because you can't fit in it anymore you will suffer from misery Uncomfortable even dislike the place when other people enjoy the same location you are disliking, why because there is a conflict of fitting between you and your cloth warmer.

So where comes from your discomfort? It's the body recent size and cloth recent size can't fit each other any more due to the kind of food you were giving to your body later the body give you back the size and the results produced by the kind of food you have been providing to your body.

That lack of discipline of eating is the root of the conflict between your body size and you nice winter cloth size , nothing else can turn your blessing into inactive only your own deed and the application of your heart desire , without God words backup.

The desire of your heart without the fear of God word you will end up to destroy people’s life including your self .

I am so exalted to understand we must mind our steps because peace and happiness are in your hands according to your deed specially for what you are doing consciously .

God is taking the record . I understand I can't expect much human appreciation first to avoid to be hurt or disappointed maybe, the human appreciation may comes but untrue or late than the expected time, that can be frustrating and discourage, I want you to know to expect less appreciation from any human being.

Because mostly human admiration and appreciation is mostly fake and untrue

Let me tell you this all my dear sisters .

Imagine you ask a man do you miss me? Be honest to yourself what are you expecting him to says, he will said I do, be reminded , that word I do Only few men says that sincerely mostly they just respond your own intoxication and your emotion produce by your wrong mindset.

The man to avoid you to see him rude and to please your emotions without him to interfere with your happiness mood. He will says I do, the stupid and ignorance about that fact , you may be happy to hear that even increase your feelings on any area of your authority and power but you ignore you are the one psychological push him to says I do miss you, he avoid to make you unhappy.

How about asking the man do you love me what are you expecting the man to says? I don't love you? Please mind your steps sisters. he will says i love you too , but its really true ?

The greatest encouragement comes from God.

He will pay back to each person according to his deeds, I am greatly happy to know that, but I have a question if God will pay according to each one deed means each everyone, you can have now the static of your reward, the money you invented in the kingdom of God, How many families you destroy for your lust, how many people are peaceless because of you ?

How many people you discourage to serve God because of your gossip and selfishness, how many pastors you support to do the work of God more? How many pastors are wounded by your deed, if you can be honest are you sure, when you are lying and insulting behind your brethren, are you expecting after wounds and breaking the heart of your brethren do you gonna receive peace and successful enjoyment reward of the Lord?

Him whose says.:

He will pay back to each person according to his deeds, I want you to understand whatever good or bad you are doing may or not have automatically the effect because the Bible says He will pay back means you may successfully fulfil the will of your heart but you must know this with the word of God , you can't skip is effect because its like a seed after seeding you can't reap automatically after a while then you will have the fruit, so lean to discipline your self, because if you are

seeding evil, you will be the one first to receive the impact of that evil before anyone else such relative, family etc, to be affected, all your good deed is recorded my brethren be happy to know your reward is surely will comes back to you as God says :

He will pay back to each person according to his deeds.

Brethren if you are the root of brethren sorrow, now repent. If in your heart you are happy to see people destroy, crying, wounded, divorced, collapse. Let me tell all will past but the word of God will never past the bible says :

my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. Says the Lord Isaiah 55:11 .

"You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved Mark 13:13

You will be hated by all because of My name, means the hated and the hater have a reward according to their deeds, Bible mentioned. He will pay back to each person according to his deeds. If you understand that word I can say your reward depends on your own deeds another word whatever you do is a seed which you will reap as a fruit of your own sowing seed , so start to mind your daily steps because you will reap the fruit of your own seed, let us stop for a moment and think and observe your self personally, be honest to your self, just be your own judge just for one minute, now after you self-check-up, do you think, you need to expect good fruits after sowing wrong seed, or you saw a right seed but in selfish way means on small quantity are you expecting more to reap? He will

pay back to each person according to his deeds [justly, as his deeds deserve] you only deserve the fruits of your seed .

Pastor Jonas B

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