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The CO.CO.PE‘s schools’ component of the project “Strengthening rural and less privileged people .’s influence on education on the less privileged communities in the devolved governance system in the Republic of Congo, funded by Coalition for the Congolese People.


The target population comprised 600 learners drawn from the project schools, two (2) Community Committees INGIE  and  EMVOUBA at the Pool department comprising six and four members respectively; 156 duty bearers and 2400 community members. It should be noted however that these figures except those of the learners reflected largely the population of the larger project and not necessarily those targeted with the INGIE Communities

Findings confirmed that the project interventions have had a positive impact on the futures,  Education and well-being, enrollment, retention, completion and performance rate; attitude and practice change among the learners, as well as significant gains for the girl child. An inquiry into the awareness level of the CO.CO.PE  activities in the two schools returned 100% knowledge level.


We give the young child the opportunity to develop his/her potential not only in terms of school achievement but also of his future social and professional integration as an adult. The child shall pursue vigorously the following objectives. 

1. To increase access to basic early education between 3-6 years of development by planting schools in needy communities. 

2. To increase transition from Nursery to primary school enrolment between disparities of male and female enrolment. 

3. To complement and supplement the informal education to prepare children for entry into the formal education system. 

4. To enable pupils to acquire necessary relevant skills knowledge and attitudes and values in early formative for more future responsible behaviours in society. 

5. To cater to both the advantaged and disadvantaged children i.e sponsorship. Bible class etc. 

6. To Complement government efforts i the development of early childhood on the quality relevant and access for the child. 

7. To bring together and sensitize member parents and others interested parties on the importance of early childhood education and also to boast the activities of the organization. 



1. Financing the construction of four classrooms and an office complex and Chlinics is the permanent site and fencing the school compound and construction of three school toilets. 

2. Solving the seats/chairs/tables needs of the school for comfort ability and convince. 

3. Assisting the school in procuring relevant out doors (Extracurricular Activities) 

4. Sponsoring A planned child survival feeding program of school to med dally breakfast requirement of every enrolled child and staff. 

5. Sponsor a school location is a needs community ours is to plant schools in needing community in the Gambia. We have identified more than 10 needing communities without schools. 

6. Transport facilities - vehicle - van or Bus for conveying pupils to and from school. 

7. Supplies of office equipment 1.e computers and Accessories tile cabinets jackets duplicating material and papers, printers generating plant / solar planet pans. 

8. Assorted relevant storybooks picture books guide books for nursery and primary pupils teachers' resource materials etc. children's dictionaries with pictures pictographs posters etc, Bible and Bible literature Audiovisual tapes, etc. 






the next five years want to see schools and healthcare planted in these ten needing communities. These communities are in need of education and hospitals centre for their children, is our plan and vision to see this dream come true. They are as follows. 


  1. EMVOUBA community target September 2024

  2. Pool community,Target September 2025

  3. OBE VILE, Target date September 2026

  4. Mouyonzi community , Target date September 2027

  5. INGIE community, Target date September 2028

  6. Yamaba community, Target date September 2029.

  7. Pointe  Noire community, Target date September 2030 


.Also part of our plan for the next for years is to see needing children in the area enjoy scholarship opportunities. 

3. That public schools in the Congo have computer Lab. 

In the Congo, we have more than 180,000 pupils in public schools who never sit down in front of the computer, iPad, Tablet device or Cell android  this has to be changed we are committed our lives to see this vision come to pass 

Our Target schools for 2011 are 10-15 schools and 2 modern Hospitals with X-ray and radiotherapies look at tabs 2.4 below. 

Our three major targets are the following years are. 

  1. Establish schools in needy communities

  2. Establish computer labs in public school where they are highly needed.

  3. Give more hope to the less privileged through our scholarship program

Our vision for 2030,is the conjunction of the above plan and vision for the rest five divisions in Congo, with our Seven  pillars plan for the next ten years,

More school planting, Establishing computer labs in public primary schools, and scholarships to the less privileged children. in the rural area where these are highly needed, 

Our purpose in doing this is to reach them with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in Africa 

WE SEEK TO COLLABORATE WITH INTERESTED GROUPS individuals philanthropic or international NGOs or agencies on the basis of trust confidence and cooperation 

we enjoin you to work with Coalition for the Congolese People in order to achieve our desired goals/objectives 



It is legally cooperated in the Republic of the Congo 

The main objective is to establish various levels of schools in needing communities for the purpose of carrying out moral instructions and the attainment of qualitative education for the benefit of all Congolese as well as a forum to assist or aid the less privileged children. 

The Co.Co.Pe School has its Administrative office situated in the  Congo in the Ingie district, with about 15 staff, 2 ancillary staff, and two office assistants. 

The Co.Co.Pe School will not relent in its efforts to ensure that the basic educational needs of the African child are met, with various stakeholders and NGOs of like passion. 

School sanitation after lockdown and before starting regular school

opening, distributing critical hygiene and prevention items, and counseling sessions in schools.


While most of the schools started to reopen in even and odd methods. At the time we organized the head teachers consultation workshop to explore and analyze the possibilities of schools reopening and the effect of COVID-19, in collaboration with local-level education units. We triggered the importance of disinfection and provided school disinfection materials and personal safety items as per Government

guidelines to disinfect school classrooms and compounds to 111 schools of THE POOL, EMVOUBA, INGIE,BOUENZA districts. The Package contains Gown, Face shield, Spray Tank, Sodium Hypochlorite, Heavy gloves, Latex gloves, Mask, different color

clothes, a dustbin, a measuring cup, etc.


After receiving the virtual training from the KMFAP MALTA, we also conducted a brief orientation session for all 100 school head teachers on how to prepare the blend and proper disinfection methods. Also, there were discussed consequences and risks of not taking precautions. In this way, 100 schools were reopened by following the safety and precaution major as per the school disinfection guideline.  The major challenges of the lockdown are supposed to be children dropping out of the schools and their retention after continuation because of the high psychological threat created by COVID-19.


To address these seen challenges, we developed the "Welcome to School Card" with short sweet content welcoming children in School to get enrollment. The card was both side printed and the front side the messages about Education and the back side is hand washing and how to use masks messages.


A total 1,20,000 number of cards were printed and distributed to all 6 Local level/20,000 PCs.

 The card has a blank section where the school's head teacher must be signed and students should put their information i.e. Name, Class, enrollment date. Students and their Parents were happy to get such letters from the schools.

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