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On behalf of all the board and members of  Coalition for the Congolese People, please accept my appreciation for the excellent job you  have done over the past several months

This meeting is intended to promote more timely, accurate, and consistent reporting.

V.P  Jonas Bouenimio 

Executive Committee Members

We select our Executive Committee Members at the General Meeting through a democratic election. Our Executive Committee Members supervise, manage, and promote the development of the Coalition for the Congolese People. All Executive Committee members must be our full members persons. The list of the Executive Committee Members is as below:

Organization Chart

Subcommittees under the Executive Committee include the Personnel Committee, Financial, and Fund Raising Committee, Education Committee, Healthcare Committee, Agriculture Committee, Information Technology Advisory Committee, Project Coordination Committee, International Missionary Committee


The Executive Director is supervised by the Executive Committee and is responsible for supervising the Head Office, Services and Centres,

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