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Agri-Mosoungi  Program

 Empowering Agricultural skills vulnerable persons

Fig, the  Ambassador of the Embassy of Malta KMFAP , during his visit to various agriculture projects


The poorest people 90% live in rural areas most of them depend on agriculture for their livelihoods depends in agricultural production. CO.CO.PE believed growth in agriculture reduces poverty faster than growth in other sectors. help rural people grow and earn more. It also promotes gender equality and inclusiveness, builds the capacity of local organizations and communities, and strengthens resilience to climate change.

By advocating for poor rural people and financing projects that transform rural areas. The majority of unprivileged communities in the Republic of Congo, living in extreme poverty with insufficient access to food are,  engaged in agriculture.  Many of these smallholder farmers live in marginalized, diverse, and harsh growing environments, with poor-quality soil and limited irrigation options.

They are reliant on increasingly inconsistent rainfall and lack access to agricultural inputs, finance, information and technology. Yet they are responsible for nearly all of Congo’s food production.


 Agri-Mosoungi  Program


We also focus on agri-mossingi - means by which rural poor farmers can earn an income from market-oriented production through individual, and group activities and formal small and medium enterprises for two key reasons.

The first is that smallholder farming is an extremely vulnerable livelihood. By investing in Agri-Mosoungi we will make livelihoods more resilient by increasing and diversifying rural household income streams. The second is that agricultural development is increasingly seen as key to sustainable and equitable economic growth in unprivileged Communities. If matched with improved infrastructure.


Our agriculture Goals, Given that the majority of underprivileged poor are engaged in agriculture, it is difficult to imagine how equitable growth is possible without development in the sector.

As the Republic of Congo's population continues to grow, agricultural development - both the increase in quantity and quality of food that is grown -. For these reasons Co.Co.PE  focuses primarily on agriculture, agri- mosoungi program, and household nutrition.


 Our goals are to work with rural communities to:


1) Improve food, nutrition, and income security for smallholder farming families.

2) Support the establishment and growth of inclusive, profitable, and sustainable agri-business.

3) Support the improvement of the policy environment for small-scale producers and their families.

 Our work is influenced by several over-riding themes which influence everything we do:


1) Gender & Inclusion

2) Youth

3) Climate Smart Agriculture

4) Innovation & Technology




Uniting for a Better Congo: Together, We Can Make a Difference

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