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Construction of water and sanitation facilities

In 2017, GKLA CHURCH with an aim of improving the livelihoods of people living in rural and small towns sought to improve access to water in Mayanga Village . to promote safe and adequate water supply and a clean and healthy environment. rehabilitation, and construction of water and sanitation facilities.


In implementing measures against waterborne and other diseases in the pool department District.

Through the construction of one well together with the promotion of hygiene behavior change among the residents.

Therefore in 2018, this project was started but due to technical challenges only In the month of August 2019, GKLA CHURCH worked in Mayanga municipality and saw the construction of the water well with a manual hand pump, as well as repairs.

This project had a lot of support from the community members and irrigation. With all the work that  CO.CO.PE has undertaken to improve the water and sanitation access, particularly in the informal settlements region of Pool the need is still dire and the interventions are still very much in demand.


The project has brought many immediate benefits:

  • It has solved the acute water shortage at the school

  • Students and staff can now get a drink of water by just turning on a tap

  • Students spend more time at school as they don’t have to take time out to fetch water

  • 10 Tap Stands Refurbished, increasing clean water coverage for 1,452 people.

  • 12 new taps were built, reducing waterborne disease and distance walked to collect water, as well as increasing time saved on water collection and income savings for 3,000 new people.

  • 10 pour-flush toilets installed at schools increasing student enrollment for 2,000 students.

  • Household handwashing stations and latrines, improving hygiene behaviors of 2,405 people.

  • Mayanga villages, increasing the proportion of the population using safely managed sanitation and handwashing facilities with soap.

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