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Exclusive Services


Under the project, one of the key areas of intervention is the provision and promotion of sustainable community Feeding Programs after the realization that lack of food is one of the major contributing factors to poor or stunted growth and malnutrition among vulnerable children, persons, families including people with special needs particularly in ENVOUBA  District.

 Lack of food is one of the biggest factors leading to malnutrition and death with the most affected being those deep in the communities.

 Parents, guardians, and caregivers driven by many factors, have failed to provide meals for these people, and this culminates in many people with special disabilities, going or living on empty stomachs, implying that there is less or no concentration of food in the body for growth and brain development. while others would want to do casual work, to raise money for food, people do not trust their perfection.

Worse still, their own families call them a curse and a taboo in the family.

Supporting the People of the Congo — Together We Can Make a Difference

Feeding and Donation Programs 

Providing Hope and Sustenance in Times of Need, for the Widows of Congo.”

we donated clothes and school materials to the pigmy through the minister of social welfare 

Thank you for your donation, It's supporters like you that help us change the world every day

Helping Orphans in Congo with Clothing One Donation at a Time
Bringing Accessible Medical Care and Resources to Vulnerable Congolese Communities".

Together We Can Make a Difference for the Congolese People

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