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Farming cooperative' s meeting 

we  built enclosures
we run a tailoring school helping

In the Republic of Congo, we provide our protégés with new opportunities, teaching them entrepreneurship, developing small businesses, and transferring skills. For the inhabitants of LIKUALA, this is really more than fulfilling their dreams.

In the small village of LIKUALA   in the northern part of the Republic of Congo we have established a farming cooperative, funded the construction of a mill and a garden, we are drilling wells, run a tailoring school, teach the locals to read, write, and count.

We do it to give jobs to several dozen families living in vulnerable communities, almost. We are struggling with the effects of climate change.




we started to help the inhabitants of LIKUALA, teaching them entrepreneurship and providing them with the tools necessary to let them multiply the good that we have entrusted to them.


It all began with a simple starting package. Ten families, chosen by our  CHURCH GKLA AFRICA missionary, received breeding animals from us, for which we also built enclosures. Our protégés also got seeds and tools to cultivate their land – with an instruction that good was to be multiplied.

The task was simple. After one year, every family was supposed to share what they got from us with another family in need. Everything above that – everything that was made in the fields and at the farms – was the pure profit of each family.

Today, there are several dozen families participating in the project, and we have a reason to be proud. Our project is working, and good is being multiplied in this small village.


The second important undertaking in LIKUALA is the creation of jobs. We have provided a mill where we mill cereals from the fields of our families, providing them with food and with a chance to earn more by selling flour of good quality and not just grain.


Over fifty ladies, who – thanks to you – are attending a vocational course, have other classes as well. Three times a week, for 5 hours, we teach them to read and count. These women have already mastered the basics of tailoring. To go to another level, they need to overcome some obstacles, and isn’t it what we specialize in? 62% of inhabitants of the region of LIKUALA  above 15 years of age cannot read or write. We have given some of our protégés the first opportunity in their lives to write letters. To be a tailor, you need to take measurements, write them down, count, and use a tape measure. Therefore we have launched a language course. Our students work very hard because they know very well that the knowledge we share with them is more valuable than gold and useful not only in tailoring.

GLKA DISABILITY Sewing workshop

For those who are unable to work physically in the fields, we have rented a room and purchased sewing machines. Over fifty women are learning the craft from the best tailors of BRAZZAVILLE, the country’s capital, whom we bring in for classes at our new atelier once a week. For these women, the three-year course is a dream come true, and a possibility to grab a job opportunity in the labor market.


We have effectively reclaimed a piece of 3 hectares, two deep wells, and installed a modern, solar-powered irrigation system. The plants are growing, and several dozen families have jobs, money to make a living, and hope,  they can live in their homeland and be independent. Our protégés experiment with new crops, they learn farming under harsh, almost desert-like conditions, and they contribute to the enrichment of the diet of other inhabitants – in a word, they do their best, taking advantage of the chance that they have been offered.

drilling well
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