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Safe futures - self-reliance for 500 Congo  girls

To all our partners we need your support to ensure that we can together also allocate to critical program needs that ensure quality services are delivered. For example, teachers must be trained and housed, students need healthy meals, and healthcare facilities (training and supplies) are necessary to look after the health needs of both faculty and students.

Thank you for considering donating to Raising
Futures Republic of congo .


Adolescent girls and young women in Congo are at serious risk of poverty, exploitation and high risk situations like early marriage, pregnancy or survival sex. Co.Co.Pe centres support 675 vulnerable girls every year, and equip them to escape poverty, secure reliable incomes and support themselves and their families. Through vocational skills training, mental health and business start up support, over 90% of graduates are self-reliant and able to support themselves and their families



Up to 80% of teenage Congo  girls can't access or engage with mainstream secondary education due to barriers like household poverty, child marriage and early pregnancy. Not being in school exposes girls to more high-risk situations including prostitution, abuse & extreme poverty. Vocational skills training alone does not lead to sustainable livelihoods. The girls we support have complex and multi-faceted needs that require a unique approach that most vocational training centres don't provide.



Our unique programme sees us work closely with girls to support them to overcome past traumas, build confidence and self-esteem and develop the skills they need to gain employment, or be self-employed. Working with girls to become self-reliant breaks the intergenerational cycle of poverty and means that these girls will never have to rely on hand-outs again. Not only will they be able to support themselves, they will be able to support their families too.


Long-Term Impact

We know our programme leads to over 90% of graduates being employed or self-employed and almost 90% able to support themselves and their families with basic needs such as housing, food and education. Graduates gain financial independence but also employ others in their community, pay for siblings' education & improve living conditions for their wider families.

The Audited Balance sheet for the last 3 years has been provided below. The details of donations are also available for your reference. For any further information / previous audit reports, kindly mail to

We post our audited financial statements to the website as they become available from the authorities. Typically, the financial statement for each year is posted during the beginning of June-August. We are committed to providing clear, timely information on our finances, grants, and expenses.  Our annual reports outline the foundation’s annual spending, broken down by division and individual program strategies within each division.


Audit 2022

Audit 2021

Audit 2020

Audit 2019


ANNUAL REPORT July 1 , 2016 - June 30 , 2017



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