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Over fifty ladies, who – thanks to you – are attending a vocational course, have other classes as well. Three times a week, for 5 hours, we teach them to read and count. These women have already mastered the basics of tailoring. To go to another level, they need to overcome some obstacles, and isn’t it what we specialize in? 62% of inhabitants of the region of LIKUALA  above 15 years of age cannot read or write. We have given some of our protégés the first opportunity in their lives to write letters. To be a tailor, you need to take measurements, write them down, count, and use a tape measure. Therefore we have launched a language course. Our students work very hard because they know very well that the knowledge we share with them is more valuable than gold and useful not only in tailoring.


6-month course available at Brazzaville and PNR Course 

Our design and Craft course includes designing and making of clothes and accessories. The lessons cover
everything from sketching, pattern making and fabric selection. Modules offered include:
•    Clothing construction
•    Pattern drafting theory and practical
•    Fabric design
•    Design ideas
•    Fashion illustrations
•    Embroidery and craft 
This is a program which involves the application of creativity in the clothing industry.
The course enables students to enhance their imagination through observation skills.
They also learn about the new trends in the fashion industry.
Students are therefore capable of inventing new cloth designs and also improving the previous ones, after graduation they are able to set up their businesses or get employed in the clothing industry. To find out more about the courses, or the enrolment process, please contact Global Kingdom life church Mr Mr Mabiala 066545147.


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GLKA DISABILITY Sewing workshop


For those who are unable to work physically in the fields, we have rented a room and purchased sewing machines. Over fifty women are learning the craft from the best tailors of BRAZZAVILLE, the country’s capital, whom we bring in for classes at our new atelier once a week. For these women, the three-year course is a dream come true, and a possibility to grab a job opportunity in the labor market.


6-month course available at INGIE.

The success of our Co.Co.Pe Hairdressing course lies in the continuous endeavour to adopt new methodologies in cosmetology so as to remain abreast with the dynamic customer needs. Course modules include:
● Nail Technology
● Beauty Therapy
● Hairdressing
● Massage and spa management

Training with us gives you the best experience as we have just the right facilities needed. The students also get a chance to exercise their creativity in this art of beauty.

Successfully trained graduates get employment in beauty parlours, spas and others get to initiate their own beauty stations as entrepreneurs. To find out more about the courses, or the enrolment process, please contact Global Kingdom life church Mr Mr Mabiala 066545147.


12-month course available at PNR.

12-month course available at PNR.

Teaches students practical and theory skills and knowledge in carpentry and joinery.

To find out more about the courses, or the enrolment process, please contact  Global Kingdom Life Church 

Mr Mr Mabiala 066545147.

Motor vehicle mechanics inspect, diagnose and locate defects, repair and maintain mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components of motor vehicles, buses, light trucks, and heavy trucks. This motor vehicle mechanics program will give the trainee knowledge and skills on the maintenance and repair of a motor vehicle that balances the theory and practice.

A motor vehicle mechanic graduate will be able to:

● Reassemble engines and parts after being repaired
● Perform scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, lubricants and engine tune-ups, to achieve smoother running of vehicles and ensure compliance with pollution regulations
● Detect and diagnose faults in engines and parts
● Fit, examine, test and service motor vehicle and motorcycle engines
● Install or adjust motors and brakes, and adjust steering or other parts of motor vehicles
● Fit, examine, adjust, dismantle, rebuild and replace defective parts of motor vehicles
● Replace engine components or complete engines
● Install, adjust, service and replace mechatronics components of motor vehicles To find out more about the courses, or the enrolment process, please contact Global Kingdom life church Mr Mr Mabiala 066545147.




7-week course available at CO.CO.PE.Courses begin every 2 months.

Students are prepared for their future roles as entrepreneurs and managers of businesses. The course encourages and supports them to become self-employed by them gaining comprehensive entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge to enable them to understand business operations in a changing business environment. Financial Literacy skills are taught so students know how to manage money, budget, and save.

Co.CO.PE  has developed a Business Incubation Hub to create successful entrepreneurs. Graduates from CO.CO.PE IBGIE, who wish to set up a business, can use the facilities to launch their business and have guidance and support from the teachers.

Computer training will teach all the essentials of using a computer, to support running a small business and accessing online training. Our training is hands-on with  computers donated by Crossroads HK 

for practical lessons. The topics covered are as follows:

  1. MS Word

  2. MS Excel

  3. MS PowerPoint and Presentation

  4. Microsoft Windows

  5. Introduction to computers and OS

  6. MS Access

  7. Communication and Internet dynamics


we have established a community cyber café where the graduates and students have the opportunity to use social media to market their products

To find out more about the courses, or the enrolment process, please contact  Global Kingdom life church Mr Mr Mabiala 066545147.

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