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An orphan’s heart can be touched by people like you. Your contribution will enable once abused, abandoned or orphaned child have a meal, shelter, clothing, health care and education needed to break the cycle of poverty. You can also reach a child by extending love, care and comfort that comes through the blood of Jesus, and enable the child to have hope for a better tomorrow ​


1  Hundreds of Children and youths in Classes in communities and in schools have no computers and schools materials to used .GKLA believe by your generosity  Classes’ participants. in primary schools and communities  Every participant primary schools to have a computer lap

2  Some schools have no educational materials for their children

Children in Schools and Communities

Every child to have a personal school materials .

3  Donations and Distributions to other Organizations.


Our need for childrens in Congo 


Health – JLACA  the health care needs of children and youths. The health programmes include:Health Care Campaigns, HIV/AIDS Sensitizations, supports medical bills of some children and promotes children/youths health clubs. We have secured support for establishment of  JLACA  Medical Clinic in the Republic of Congo, and to help RAC.


Children's Education

WE believes that education is extremely important to improve the lives of orphans and children in need. We support their education by providing schooling support, continuously discussing their progress with teachers. We also find responsible guardians to take them in while the attend school. Also, African orphanage has started a Kindergarten which we hope will grow to a full primary school in the future.


GKLA   ChildrenJLACA  Centre

Social Welfare--- JLACA  runs Guidance and counselling programmes for children and youths. Less privileged children and youths are provided with educational and medical assistance. School materials, clothing and food assistance are provided for needy children/youths. Some of them are giving full scholarships while some others receive only tuition support .Holiday camps and children/youths rallies are organized to boost all-round development of the participants.

EDUCATION --- GKLA   ChildrenJLACA  Centre

Sustainability & Long-term Projects


Amount in US dollars

School & Classrooms Construction

Kitchen & Dining hall                                                                   61,200


Library                                                                                            33,600

Administration/office block                                                        34,700

Orphanage/Community health clinic                                       35,000

Farm Greenhouse                                                                          6,500

Poultry Project                                                                                       8,000

Goat Project                                                                                    9,000

If you are interested in supporting the sustainability & long-term projects, kindly write us an email to send you bank transfer details, or 

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