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The Worship & Creative Arts Ministry 

The mission of bible study group  is to equip and exhort every one of GKLA  to become the kingdom soldiers, servants and leaders that God intended them to be.  Our prayer is that God does not take His hands off of us until we are a mirror image of what He had in mind when He released us from eternity and called us to be the salt amongst this generation.

Every member in The Global kingdom Life Assembly is a member of the Bible study group . Our goal is to develop each one  to the point that their actions and their fruit consistently reflects Kingdom of God and are so profoundly displayed as they work in our communities that both men and women will be compelled to declare “..there walks a man of God.

The Worship & Creative Arts Ministry is the most diverse ministry of The GKLA . With active members, it includes singers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, videographers, sound technicians, photographers, choir directors, thespians, songwriters and leaders all blending their unique gifts to form one ministry that reflects the excellence of God and assists in enhancing .

GKLA Experience is the one ministry that is always represented throughout every aspect of The GKLA Church.

Unpredictable is the best way to describe the Worship & Creative Arts Ministry. On any given Sunday the artistic representations will include Contemporary Christian Music, hymns, praise breaks and Gospel Hip Hop. The unique ways worship takes place in The GKLA Church is a reflection of the many gifts and abilities given to mankind. Whether it is a worship service, musical production, life group, conference, evangelistic outreach or any other event, you are sure to find a member of the Worship & Creative Arts Ministry.

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