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We desire to go beyond the borders of our own local communites to reach a lost world for Christ, many places in the world are experiencing great openness to the gospel of Christ. We want to play a meaningful part in sending messengers of the good news to such countries. We encourage all of our members to become missions-minded Christians (i.e. praying for missions, supporting missionaries, donating to missions). Along with our prayer and financial support of missions, we encourage our members to be involved in mission projects. 

Music Ministry

“Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to Your Name give glory  because of Your lovingkindness, because of your truth.” Psalm 115:1


The Music Ministry of Global kingdom Life assembly exists to glorify and worship the Lord by using and musical talents of His people to bless and encourage others in their worship of the Lord.

Music ministry is not the right of the talented but a privilege extended to the committed and faithful.

The ultimate goal of this ministry is to build up God’s people by focusing their attention on the LORD, not upon us. This ministry is not a platform to showcase one’s talents, but rather a place to use one’s gifts for the glory of God and the good of His people.


The Board of church leaders  is ultimately responsible to oversee every ministry in the church, including the music ministry. Everyone involved should demonstrated respect and honor regarding the policy decisions our elders make regarding this ministry. The Worship Team Music leaders works under the leadership of the Pastor and is responsible for leading rehearsals and providing musical guidance and direction for those involved in this ministry. Input at rehearsals is welcomed. However, to avoid confusion and/or dissension, the final decisions regarding how songs will be sung and utilized in the services of the church rests with the Music leaders  under the leadership of the Pastor.

Servant Spirit

We are looking for believers who love the Lord and who possess a true servant’s spirit of humility. Such humility is evidenced by a willingness to use one’s gifts in whatever role or manner that best ministers to the body of Christ and complements the musical talents of others. Those who wish to be involved need to be open to instruction and input designed to improve their ministry to others. Those who insist on their own preferences would not be a good fit for this ministry.

Avenues of Service

Those interested in serving as a vocalist or instrumentalist for the worship team or for special music can submit an application to our music Team.


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